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Welcome to Bay City

It is my privilege as mayor to welcome you to the city of Bay City. We are proud to call Bay City home and we thank you for taking the time to visit and experience Bay Cities diverse culture.

We have many attractions and activities, such as great restaurants, a friendly atmosphere and great people. We are proud to have a movie theater, bowling center, arcade and restaurant, all under one roof.

Our rich history is well documented in our museum, located within our historic downtown area that attracts many residents and visitors.

For those bird watchers out there, we invite you to attend and enjoy the National Audubon Sociey's Annual Christmas bird count. The Matagorda County-Mad Island Marsh CBC has been number one in the USA for the number of species seen in one day. The event receives great support from the community, with landowners allowing birders to survey on their property and sponsorship from local businesses.

We have several volunteers in the community who are instrumental in making Bay City what it is today. They work diligently to provide the types of services and activities our citizens and visitors desire. We have a multitude of volunteers serving on various committees and boards who work closely with the 􀀊hamber of Commerce & Agriculture, our local businesses and our industry partners to continually improve our city.

Bay City is poised for major growth as witnessed by the explosion of new houses, businesses and an influx of new residents. We are creating the type of environment that is conducive to new amenities and ideas for growth and that inspires our children to stay here or return after college to start their adult lives and families here. We hope you enjoy your time in Bay City and encourage your friends to visit as well.

Robert Nelson



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